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    Providing CARE-HOME and HOME CARE services exclusively to

    As a result of advances in medical and health care related sciences, people are living much longer than in the past. It is expected that by the year 2025, close to 125 million Indians will be over 60 years of age and will require minimum nursing care on a regular basis. As on today majority of the elderly reside in their homes with their families and wish to remain there. Their families provide majority of care to their older relatives. Although this practice is not new, changes in society and lifestyles have made the care more complicated.

    DR. NAGARATNA LONG TERM CARE CENTRE offers the services of Bed Side Assistants . These BSAs are trained by ASM-VTP training Institute which is an activity of Annavarjula Subramanyam Memorial Trust (regd). BSAs are basically non-medical staff trained to do vital checks and assist with feeding, medication administration, bathing, grooming and bowel and bladder functions. With the changing urban family set-up and nuclear family system popular among the Indian middle class - caring for the elderly has become a difficult challenge.

    'Home Care' services focus on providing wide range of services like old age homes, nri parents care, elder home care, homes for vegetarians, retirements homes, rehabilitation for elders, assisted living facilities, dementia care facilities, home health care services.

    HOME CARE provides:
    1)  Supporting family care givers and relieving them of a portion of the burden of care-giving
    2) Ensuring that the independence and dignity of the elderly are maintained
    3) Reducing the risk of institutionalization of the elderly
    Services provided by Bed Side Assistants:
    The Bed Side Attendants (BSAs) made available through DR. NAGARATNA LONG TERM CARE CENTRE are non-medical staff, trained to provide minimum nursing care such as
    Checking temperature, blood pressure, sugar level
    Bathing, dressing, and grooming patients
    Assistance with toileting
    Assistance with medication
    Assistance with physical exercise
    You can engage the services of a Bed Side Assistant for the following shifts, to meet your requirements:

    Single Day Shift-8 hours
    24-Hours (Day and Night-2 BSAs on rotation)
    24-Hour Residential Assistance
    Helpline service is available for the following services for senior citizens: In addition to providing trained caregivers to assist seniors in their own homes

    DR. NAGARATNA LONG TERM CARE CENTRE also provides following helpline services to seniors:
    Dial a driver: In case of seniors who own their own vehicles but prefer to not drive, we can help arrange for a driver
    --Meals on wheels: We can arrange for delivery of senior-friendly, dietician prescribed meals at home for seniors who are unable to cook Doorstep pharmacy: We can arrange for delivery of medicines on a periodic basis to the homes of seniors
    -On-call medical check up: We can arrange for home visits of doctors and nurses for home health check ups and home diagnostics for seniors
    single window for all the needs of senior citizens: The senior citizens care options provided by 'Krishna Sannidhi' and its allied organizations are:
    Krishna Sannidhi : stay home for senior citizens:
    Independent living
    Assisted living
    Home Care:
    At-home assistance through bed-side patient attendants
    Meals-on wheels
    Dial a driver
    At-home medical check and diagnostics
    DR. NAGARATNA assisted living and long term care hospital:
    Care Home: assisted living hospital
    Skilled nursing
    Rehabilitation and physiotherapy
    ASM -VTP (recognized by Central Government) training institute for Home Nursing:
    Residential nurse training facility
    ASM VTP has, through its various offerings, been catering to a large number of parents of NRIs as well as their families
    'Home Again' (home for the aged)
    Senior citizens who can not afford to stay in pay & stay arrangements of 'Krishn Sannidhi' can get food , shelter and clothing at ' Home Again ' . These services are provided by Annavarjula Subramanyam memorial Trust (regd)
    'SIDDARTHA' rural health clinic for senior citizens, which provides hospital, based as well as mobile clinic services in various villages of Karnataka.

Dr. Nagaratna


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