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Krishna Sannidhi - Chaitanya Enclave Krishna Sannidhi - Chaitanya Enclave Krishna Sannidhi - Chaitanya Enclave
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  1. Medical Experts associated with Krishna Sannidhi:
    Dr.AjitKulkarni MD Physician
    Dr.Arun MS Surgeon
    Dr.ParvathaReddy MS Orthopedician
    Dr.Diwakar MDS Dentist
    Dr.Prabhu MBBS Resident medical Officer

  2. Legal Experts associated with Krishna sannidhi:
    Sri.Satyamurthy Senior Advocate
    Smt. Vijayalaxmi Advocate
    Smt. Rama Devi Advocate

  3. Physiotherapist:
    Sri.Balasaheb Kumar

  4. Senior Citizen Cell:
    Superintendent of Police Chief Advisor

  5. Finanace Advisors:
    Sri.SurendraSinghvi, Auditor
    Sri.Gajaraj, Auditor
    Sri.Havinal Sharanappa, Auditor
    Sri.Wageesh, Accountant

  6. Smt. RathiKapadia, Honorary Geriatric Care Co-ordinator
  7. Sri. Iqbal Mohammed, Geriatric care Manager
  8. Sri. Vinod Hospital Assistant, Long Term Care
  9. Smt. Tajunnisa, Resident Warden
  10. Sri. Pralhad, Supervisor
  11. Sri Rama Rao, Agriculture Supervisor
  12. Cooks:
    1. Smt. Girijamma
    2. Sri. Ramesh
    3. Sri. Jayaram
  13. Sri. Murali, Vehicle in charge
  14. Sri. Mastan, Driver
  15. Staff Nurses Qualified: 12 members
    Home care service providers: 10 members
  16. "Chaitanya" Project: Community Survey and Data Collection:
    Sri.ManjunathaSwamy, Project in-charge
    Kumari Rehana, Field Co-ordinator
    Sri. Peer Basha, Field Co-ordinator
  17. Help Line :
    Sri. Ravi Kiran, Honorary Coordinator
  18. Architects and Engineers
    Sri.Manjesh Agadi
    Smt.Smitha Rao

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Chaitanya Enclave Our Team Facilities Activities Chaitanya Trust Contact Us

Krishna Sannidhi - Chaitanya Enclave Krishna Sannidhi - Chaitanya Enclave Krishna Sannidhi - Chaitanya Enclave
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